Calais Campbell donates $30K to help alma mater go from Rebels to Ravens


Defensive end Calais Campbell didn’t play for the Ravens until he was in the NFL, but he’s making sure that players following in his footsteps at South High School in Denver won’t have to wait that long.

South High School announced last year that they would change their nickname from the Rebels to the Ravens in a decision that didn’t have to do with Campbell’s current team. Campbell promised to match money raised by the school to facilitate the change because he didn’t like the former name, which came with a Confederate soldier mascot when Campbell was in school.

The school raised $30,000, which Campbell matched while adding that he’d kick in more if needed.

“This is a big deal, just to be proud of where you went to school and what it represents,” Campbell said, via Jamison Hensley of “To me, high school represents some of my fondest memories and best times in my life. To have that stigma attached to it, it makes you a little less proud to represent it when it’s something you can’t believe in all the way. Making a change for me is a big deal. It gives you a lot more pride in your school.”

The money donated by Campbell and raised by the school will go toward new uniforms, signage and gym flooring.